CAST 125A — Confronting Gender-Based Violence

[ ca deis-us djw ]

Engaging with multiple forms of creative expression and several different social change frameworks as they address and counter various aspects of gender-based violence in discrete cultural and historical contexts, this course explores gender-based violence as a grave violation of human rights, and the creative, innovative and meaningful methods through which particular communities and individuals counter such violation, including as it intersects with race and socioeconomic status. These methods might range from art installations in galleries or public spaces to formal theatrical productions, from the choreography of street protests to graffiti, films, pop-up concerts and podcasts, many involving survivors of gender-based violence in the creative process. We’ll focus in particular on the experiences of those who identify as women, have been assigned to or perceived of as members of that category, or who identity and present as femme. Usually offered every third year.
Toni Shapiro-Phim