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RPJM 290

Special Topics in Project and Program Management

All projects are investments. An investment is the act of allocating money, time, or effort to a particular initiative, or asset in order to achieve a profit or positive result.

Managing Projects as Investments is a course where students will learn concepts related to understanding how to define and measure projects and their performance. While most companies analyze and track investments at the portfolio level, this course will help students understand how to measure it at the project level to provide program and portfolio managers more accurate performance insights.

Throughout the course, students will learn more advanced methods to manage and measure success across the triple constraint. This advanced review will include critical path analysis, resource scheduling and leveling, earned-value-based techniques such as the schedule performance index (SPI) and earned schedule tracking, and other innovative measurements such as:

- Critical Path Drag  The amount of time by which each item on the critical path (activity, constraint, or bottleneck) is delaying the end of the project or, alternatively, the amount of time by which the project schedule could be compressed by reducing the duration of any critical path item to zero.

- Devaux’s Index of Project Performance (DIPP)  an innovative project management index used to measure project investment returns.

- Cost of Leveling with Unresolved Bottlenecks (CLUB) The cost to a project or program in reduced expected project prot (EPP) due to the delay caused by a specific resource bottleneck.

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