THA 180A — In Your Face: Staging the Self through Theatrical Installation

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Students will create a living theatrical self-portrait. Through an exploration of site-specific theater and performance art and design, students will explore themselves and their values in order to create an original live work of theater. We will ask ourselves how our experiences, past and present, can become fodder for a performance that creates social transformation and empowerment. What are the differences between how we see ourselves and how others see us? How can our narratives be transformed into mythology and metaphor? Assignments and exercises throughout the semester will focus on the nuance and interplay of written and visual elements, so that students’ self-portraits emerge as truly interdisciplinary installation pieces. The visual components of projects will not follow text but will emerge linked organically to performance. Some projects will begin with a writing exercise that explores the self (letters, emails, blogs, journals, poetry, memoirs, and autobiographies). These texts will then be translated into visual expressions (video, photo, and painting). Other projects will begin with the visual idea (family heirloom, object) and a text will be written in response. What story can emerge from a family heirloom? How can an heirloom be transformed into art? Finally, how can visual expression and text be combined to tell a powerful story of transformation? The course will culminate with the creation of a living self-portrait that will combine performance and design. No experience in performance, theater, or design expected. Of interest to students of all disciplines, of particular interest to theater-makers, filmmakers, and fine artists. Usually offered every second year.
Ms. Anderson