POL 197A — The Supreme Court Colloquium

Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. Yields half-course credit. May be repeated once for credit. Two semesters of POL 197a are required to fulfill the social science distribution requirement.

Intensive interdisciplinary study of the supreme court, with a particular emphasis on its current docket. After introducing students to the procedures of Supreme Court decision-making, the clash of interpretive methods, and the ebb and flow of the breadth and depth of the court’s power, the course will evaluate select cases from the 2014-2015 docket in real time, focusing on, among other things, social and political origins, institutional factors, legal argument and advocacy, and likely rulings and their possible effects. The Colloquium will also host numerous distinguished speakers to present on individual cases. Special yearlong offering 2014-2015.
Mr. Kryder and Mr. Lenowitz